Get Our Tunebook

We have built up a set of tunes we enjoy playing and collected them in the attached book of tunes. Many of the tunes in our tune book are notated both in treble and bass clef - we love having the tone of cello in the blend of instruments at our jam.

We equally use the Carpilation book that was compiled by our friends at the Winfield Carp Camp.

Periodically we release supplements to the Whiskey tune book - little shots of extra tunes. Those are also listed here.

How to Assemble the Tunebook
Our book grows with time. Full publications are put out about a year apart, and in the middle will be a few Whiskey Shots - extra tunes gathered up between publications.

The book uses the first three letters of the tune name as 'page numbers'. This way you can take new tunes and blend them into your existing book.

If you are new and don't have a copy of the tune book already grab the latest version of the book, find any Whiskey Shots that were published after that date, find the current full table of contents, and mix them all together.

About the Bb Supplement
This is a handful of our tunes notated for Bb Instruments. It grows over time, has no index and no Whiskey Shots to blend into it.

About the MIDI files
We also have a zip file with MIDI versions of all the tunes for learning by ear.